Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday (164)

The Astonishing Colour of AfterSynopsis:
Leigh Chen Sanders is sixteen when her mother dies by suicide, leaving only a scribbled note: 'I want you to remember'. Leigh doesn't know what it means, but when a red bird appears with a message, she finds herself travelling to Taiwan to meet her maternal grandparents for the first time.

Leigh is far away from home and far away from Axel, her best friend, who she stupidly kissed on the night her mother died - leaving her with a swell of guilt that she wasn't home, and a heavy heart, thinking she may have destroyed the one good thing left in her life.

Overwhelmed by grief and the burden of fulfilling her mother's last wish, Leigh retreats into her art and into her memories, where colours collide and the rules of reality are broken. The only thing Leigh is certain about is that she must find out the truth. She must remember.

With lyrical prose and magical elements, Emily X.R. Pan's stunning debut novel alternates between past and present, romance and despair, as one girl attempts to find herself through family history, art, friendship, and love.

The Astonishing Colour of After will be out on the 27th March in Australia!

What are you waiting on?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Four Book Subscription Boxes to try

I love books, and I love packages in the mail.  Think though.  What could be more exciting than receiving a package in the mail that are books.. but you don't know what you could be getting? Exciting right? 

Well now you can. 

Subscription boxes have been around for quite a while, but I've been lucky to try a couple and it's certainly worth giving it a go.  What's even better is helping someone else discover the joy of Subscription boxes. 

I haven't tried all of these, but the ones I've listed, are definitely on my list that I'd like to try.  So without further ado, here are the list of subscription boxes I've come across:

1. Owl Crate
Image by @mlovesreading from Owlcrate

The boxe includes: 
3 - 5 high quality YA bookish items as well as exclusive items from the author.  Each box is themed which means all items included tie back to that theme.
They also ship international, which is an awesome thing!

I had one of these turn up and I was pretty excited with the contents!  You can order just one box to test out, or you can even sign up to more than this, so if you aren't sure.   One is the go!
Prices are fairly reasonable too.  You can check this out here:
Owl Crate

2. Bookish Box
Image by Bookish Box
The box includes:
So you get to choose the style and size of shirt you will receive.
You can choose to go with the theme of YA, or adult.  They even give an option for Plus size which is a thumbs up in my book (excuse the pun - it was bound to happen )
You get 3 -5 items also, which tie back to a central theme and you also have an option for different price sizes which suits most budgets.
So if you are interested please click the link below.

3. Shelf Love Crate
Image by Shelf Love
The box includes:
This is another YA subscription box, that includes 3 or more items that are based on a theme that ties to the book of the month that is chosen.

This is another one that I'm itching to try out so if anyone else has tried this, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
You can buy from month to month, 3 months prepay, 6 months prepay.
So if you are interested click the link below:
Shelflove Crate

4. Wizarding World Crate by Loot Crate
J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World crate
Image by LootCrate
This box includes:
So just a note.  Loot Crate has quite a variety of subscription boxes but this is definitely on my to get list.  You can order, 1, 3 or 6 crates.  You would then pick your house, be it Gryffindor etc.  You'd also then pick the size of clothing.
Each crate would then have about 5-7 magical items per crate and as the website said, all items are official and licenced.  But bear in mind this crate is higher priced than the previous crates 
You can find this here:
Loot Crate

So these are the bookish subscriptions that have certainly caught my eye.  The following ones are bonus crates that you might be interested in.


Image by iPenstore
This box includes:
So the website itself sells it as "For the pen, paper and ink lover in you."  I can certainly attest that it hit a few awesome points for me.  
So each box will have a fountain pen, ink samples, paper etc.   You get around 5-10 items and they ship international for an extra $10.00.  The boxes that I received were high quality and well and truly worth the month that I spent on them.  So I can certainly recommend.
 You can purchase these here: Store

Image by Scribbler
The Box includes:
You'll receive around 3 or so items that are themed around a New release that is included in the box.  The best part of this box is that it's created from none other than Authors Lindsay Cummings and Victoria Scott.  You can go month to month, or 3/6 month prepay.  The only catch for the moment is that it currently does not deliver to Australia.  Only to US and Canada.  But I did contact Lindsay on Instagram, and we might be in luck sometime down the track.  If you are interested in this box please go to the link below:

Hope you all enjoy these and please let me know if you have tried these in the comments.  I'd love to hear your feedback!


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