About Me

I'm Melissa and I work in a Construction company as an Office manager.  I also happen to be the creator of Spellbound By Books.  

I created my blog to keep track of the books that I've read over the years, share these awesome books with other readers and to help Authors share their work with the world.  In recent times Spellbound has quietened down a little with my day job taking up a lot of my time of recent.  I hope now that things settle down, I can get back into blogging and more importantly READING!

"I blog to share my love of books with others!"

Reading is not my only love!  I dabble in a bit of my own writing and I also love photography and Graphic Design.  Though I'm still studying Graphic Design I hope the knowledge I take away from this will help me to upgrade my blogs!!

I also have a little one who isn't staying little!  He's growing up so fast and I do my best to encourage him with his own reading journey.  He's a cheeky kid that certainly made my life all so much better with him in it!
A few fun facts about me:
  • My favourite colour is Green.
  • Dream holiday would have to be to the UK - Passport first though right?!
  • Favourite show of late would have to be Lucifer and Pretty Little Liars
  • Favourite Book - hmm tricky but I certainly loved I am Messanger by Marcus Zusak but being a reader there is too many to list!
You can contact me by:
  • email: melissa@spellboundbybooks.com
  • twitter: Meeka_21
Feel Free to check out what is on my list of books read, and to be read by visiting the link below:


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