Saturday, March 22, 2014

Monsters Galore 3 Blakk's Back

Monsters Galore 3
Blakk's Back
Trevor Salter

All but one monster have been caught by Santa Claus, shrunk to pocket size toys and wrapped as presents.
Except for Blakk who escaped through a crack in the wall.
It is now Christmas morning and the children are unwrapping their presents while Blakk is searching through the surrounding forest for a way to help his friends.
Will Blakk be able to save his friends from the children in time?
Do the monsters finally get their revenge?
Find out as this Monstrous tale of mayhem and mystery concludes.

Quick Review from Cruzito (5 years old).
It's cool.  I like the fairies and the monsters and the rhyming words.
(When asked if he wanted me to read this to him again) YES! Tonight.

You can buy Monsters Galore 3 Blakk's Back at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback!

If you'd like to buy the first two books they can be found below!

You can also check out two books that Trevor Salter has illustrated for:


If you'd like to find out more please follow the links below:

I've also been lucky enough to interview Trevor back in 2010. You can read the interview here

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Forgotten Ones Bargain!

For this weekend only, The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard is only $1.99 U.S.  Just Click on the picture!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

St Patty's Day

Join your favorite YA and NA authors as we celebrate being Irish for a day and play on Pinterest. There will be over 45 e-book giveaways! 

You can join the Facebook party HERE!

You won't want to miss it!

Participating Authors:

Lila Felix   A. W. Exley  Melissa Pearl   
Jessica Gibson  Cindy M. Hogan  Sarah Ashley Jones  
Marie Landry  Rachel Morgan  Jennifer Snyder 
Stacey Marie Brown  Jessica Therrien  D.L. Raver 
Stacey Wallace Benefiel  Marilyn Almodóvar  Angee Taylor 
A.O. Peart  Devyn Dawson  Rick Chiantaretto 
Raine Thomas  L.P. Dover  Tamara Hart Heiner  
Leigh T Moore  Meradeth Houston  Amber Argyle 
Tawdra Kandle  Carlyle Labuschagne  Lisa Collicutt
Christy Dorrity  Stephanie Fowers  Kristina Renee
Faith McKay  Charlotte Abel  Jamie Ayres
A.M. Hargrove  Charli Webb  Amy Harmon  
Alyssa Rose Ivy  Kristie Cook  Lani Woodland
T.M. Franklin  Laura Howard  Sharron Riddle
Eliza Tilton  S. M. Boyce  Bethany Lopez 
Dawn Leigh  L.A. Casey  Emma Adams  
Amber Garr  Liz Long

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guest Post: Codename Chimera

About us. Our names are Jake and Kate Persy and we’re young, self-publishing writers. We’re a happy couple, we have a healthy, active lifestyle and our motto is, ‘The best moment to be happy is right now’.

About our book. Codename: Chimera is a fast-paced whodunit mystery. Because of its easy, laid-back style, the pace of the action and the absorbing puzzles, the book soon took off. In Codename: Chimera, the detective and his friends investigate a chain of bloody events with links to an ancient curse. The terrible secret they are trying to get to the bottom of is shrouded in the legend of a mythical creature, Chimera.   

Social impact. We wanted to do more than just write an interesting story; we wanted to share our philosophy with you, and our motto, ‘The best moment to be happy is right now’, sums it up perfectly. Using the example of the characters in Codename: Chimera, we wanted to show you how important it is to savour every single second, and not put off until tomorrow what life holds for you today.

Your help is important for us! From March 5th till April 5th we are running crowdfunding campaign. Check it out and you can be the proud owner of a signed e-book, a GOLDEN KISS and other perks!

Other ways you can help us. Earn with us! Become our affiliate and earn 60% commission from sales of our book (email us at
Sincerely yours,
Jake and Kate Persy

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spellbound By Books is back!

Spellbound By Books is back up and running.  New posts will be coming soon.



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