Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surprises are good

My other half took me out to the Drive in movies to see Shutter Island as a surprise.  I've never actually been before so it was really exciting.  Only issue was the mosquitoes that made a big meal outta me.    Next time I'm taking bug spray and fix those little suckers.  Am heading off to bed so will do a big post tomorrow.

Good night all


  1. Hi I've actually been following you since your first post but I can be a bit shy when it comes to commenting. That and my own blog is still a work in progress, seeing other fabulous ones like yours can be a little intimidating.

    Right disclaimer over...

    Mosquitoes can be down right annoying. I grew up in Trinidad and sometimes they can take a liking to one person in particular...

    Your blood's sweet it's a compliment really :)

    How was Shutter Island I've been contemplating watching it but I scare easily.

    and yes bug spray will sort the nasty critters x

  2. ^I scare easy too in movies so I usually google the ending of the movie so I know what to expect so it's not so bad hehe

  3. Sa Toya, yes they definitely took a liking to me. To be quite honest, I was disappointed with Shutter Island. I guess I went in there with high expectations but unfortunately the ending didn't do it for me. Most of the movie was good though, so don't let my comments stop you from seeing it :)

    Rebs lol, where's the fun in that, if you know the ending? I suppose though if your scared easily it would prepare you for what's to come.

  4. Ooooh! I am totally jealous! I am dying to see that movie! Sorry the ending wasn't great. That's a little disappointing! :(



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