Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Weekend Away...

Hi all,

I'm back online!  Thank god! 
Quick note: I was one of the many caught up in the National Bank disaster where so many people never got paid, and I'm still waiting for my pay to go in. So those of you waiting for your prizes to be posted, it was going to be done this weekend. I'm sorry, but they may be a little later than expected.

As some of you know, my family and I went away this weekend to a 4WD Park in NSW.  Our first camping trip away with the little one.  It was fun!  And a tad stressful. 

It's amazing how much I rely on all four walls to keep Cruzito safe.  Although lately, he's shown that shutting a door doesn't work anymore to keep him out of things, since he can now reach them.

So anyway,  we are almost to the park when I look at my phone and it comes up 'No Service'.  What?!!  Here I was thinking that, yep I'm going away but lucky I have my phone so I won't miss out on emails and what's going on with Twitter.  WRONG!  Yep, I was devastated.  So this is part of the reason I have been MIA.  All was not lost because I managed to pack in a book :)

I really do miss going four wheel driving.  With the car we have now, it looks like a 4wd but that's it.  It's not built for doing the really fun stuff.  So we all jumped into my brothers car and got to play in some mud.

Two things I didn't realise before going on this trip (and really, being Aussie I should have clicked onto it) 1. There are going to be Goannas, 2.  Leeches and ticks.  We only come across one goanna on the way in there so that was alright.  I seen a few leeches attached to fellow camp goers on the first day.  Today however, was a bit different. 

We were heading to the waterfall and because it was a bit slippery we decided turn around.  I'd just got in the back of the car and shut the door.  I was in there maybe five seconds before saying. "For some god awful reason, and call me paranoid, I can almost feel something crawling on me."  I look down completely expecting nothing to be there and OMG there's a bloody leech!  Well I was out of that car in a flying leap, dropped my camera in the mud and proceeded to flick the slippery little sucker off.  I got back in as soon as I calmed down and checked a dozen times that I didn't have pick up any more hitch hikers and then that was that.

You may think I completely overeacted (And I quite possibly did lol) but after the campfire talk and joking about leeches and jumping ants (which apparently there are) I never expected to be dealing with one so soon.  Let me point this out,  they don't hurt but the thought of having something like that on me really freaked me out.

Well, that's all from me.  There will be no IMM this week (See above for why) and I am tossing up whether Sticky Beak will be posted tomorrow.  As you all know there are only 2 more days left of NaNoWriMo and I'm hoping to at least get close to the 50,000 so I'll be putting a bit of time in with that.  But don't worry I will post a little something up tomorrow for you all!

I'll leave you with a few pics I took from this weekend.  Enjoy.

When we came into the Levuka camping Grounds this is the sign we came across.  Absolutely classic!!

Some of the 4WD tracks we played around in.

Cruzito was so tired and the kids were giving him flowers to play with.  Here he is deep in thought lol.  Absolutely love this pic.

Playing in the Test Track.


  1. Glad you had a good time (except for the leeches, ugh..), and oh my Cruzito really grew a lot! He is a little boy now :-) And those pics of him with the flower are so cute :-D

    Don't worry about doing a Sticky Beak post, concentrate on NanoWriMo, and we'll be here next week for Sticky Beak :-)

    Have a nice Sunday! :-)

    ps: I had a great week, stop by to see what I got, it feels like Christmas came early :-D

  2. Great sign! Very clear :-) And your little man is adorable. My son is 16months and I know exactly what you mean about four walls keeping them safe :-) I can't take my eyes off him for one moment right now. Keeps me fit!

  3. I really enjoy reading about your life in Australia (on the other side of the world! Its so interesting). Your no doughnuts sign cracked me up! I have not heard about the banking disaster, I hope that it is all resolved soon.

  4. Glad you had a good time. I love those pictures, the doughnuts one is so funny and Cruzito is simply adorable. I too would have been lost with no signal. Good luck with Nanowrimo I'm cheering you on from Scotland. x



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