Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick

Title:  Shadows
Author:  Ilsa J. Bick
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  EgmontUSA
Publication Date:  25th September
ISBN:  9781606843789
Stand alone or series:   Ashes Trilogy #2
Pages:  525 pages
Book Received from:  Publisher - EgmontUSA (Galley)
First Lines:  FUBAR: That was Jed's name for it.  Once a Marine, always a Marine

Synopsis: The end of the world in Ashes was just the beginning. Now Alex must face the realization that Rule was not the safe haven she thought. In fact, the people there are protecting themselves by feeding The Changed. Shadows picks up right where Ashes left off, but before anything in this dystopian world improves, it will get worse. A whole lot worse.

My Thoughts:
I was so excited when I requested it and it was approved.  I'd been hanging to find out what had become of Alex, the Changed and most of all Tom.

After reading Ashes, I was thrown a bit when in Shadows it's not just Alex's POV that we have.  Now with extra main characters including Tom the story's action seems a constant.  I'm not complaining, but alot of chapters end us on a cliffhanger which I have to admit pushed me through the story that little bit quicker.

I'm confused about a few things but.  Ellie isn't in this story at all.  There are a few mentions of her but it's like she has dropped off the face of the earth.  Even though she was quite annoying in the first book I had begun to like her towards the end.  

I also like how Ilsa has made the whole "Changed" concept an evolving sickness - if that's what it is.  I do worry about the other main characters but. 

We are also confronted with another group known as the Bounty Hunters/Private Militia.  While I won't say too much on this part I hope that their plans backfire on them.

There are a few parts where I felt the scenes stretched a little long for me.  I did find myself wanting to put the book down nearing the climax.  I did like reading about the other main characters but only two mattered for me the most: Tom and Alex.  I find it hard with some series when the author introduces more characters into the narrative that were only secondary characters in the first book.  It sometimes takes a whole book before some characters grow on me and I felt that only the main characters from Ashes really stuck with me over the others.  

Shadows is a great addition to the Ashes Trilogy.  Expect action, gore - a fair amount of it, and the urge to yell at the characters every now and then.  I look forward to reading the next book in the Trilogy.  Oh.. and remember, Ilsa likes her cliffhangers :)


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