Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Skeleton Key by Tara Moss

Title:  The Skeleton Key
Author:  Tara Moss
Genre:  Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Pan Macmillan
Publication Date:  1 December 2012
ISBN:  9781742611631
Stand alone or series:   Pandora English #3
Pages:  304
Book Received from:  Pan Macmillan
First Lines:  It was near the end of the working day as I cast an uneasy glance at my watch and then at the empty office behind me.

By day Pandora English is a lowly fashion assistant. By night, she is a supernatural scion.
The Crow Moon is rising and Pandora has a date with Civil War soldier Lieutenant Luke, who will be flesh-and-blood for one night only. When Lieutenant Luke disappears, Pandora must unlock the mysteries of Number One Addams Avenue with her skeleton key and discover the secrets that lie in the forgotten laboratory of Dr Edmund Barrett.

For Pandora has been warned: a powerful force is in the house. As Friday the Thirteenth looms, Pandora English and the citizens of Spektor are in grave danger. For the dead will rise and terror shall reign. 

My Thoughts:
I try to make it a habit to never read out of a series.  I don't know whether that is just an OCD I had or what.  But this time I made a point of reading this as I had this sent from the publishers and I was surprised at how quick I picked up on stuff that happened in the previous books.  I'm sure it's not like that for all books but yeah.

I was pretty hooked right from the get go.  This was definitely one of those books I really had trouble putting down.  I was pretty surprised how much I loved the secondary character Lieutenant Luke.  I warmed to him straight away.

Another thing I liked about the actual book is that each Chapter is decorated with a fancy design making it easier to see how far I was from the next chapter.

While I must say I'm a tad bit over Paranormal romances for the moment I really enjoyed this one.  How could I not with such fantastic characters.

Another thing I absolutely loved was the counting OCD brand new vampires have.  Pandora carries a handful of rice for just this sort of occasion and I just about cracked up laughing when she used this to get past them.  The book overall has that kind of humour all throughout it and I found it made the book so much easier to fly through because I was enjoying every part.  The spooky bits tended to stick out just that little bit more and I think it made for a well balanced book.

If you're looking for an interesting but light book to read I suggest you give this a try.  It didn't really feel like a third book in the series for me but I tend to recommend reading the beginning of a series before jumping in.  But in saying that I don't think this really is the case for this book.  Hope you all enjoy!


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