Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Diabolist by Layton Green

Title:  The Diabolist
Author:  Layton Green
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense
Publisher:  Thomas and Mercer
Publication Date:  4th June 2013
ISBN:  9781611099843
Stand alone or series:   Dominic Grey #3
Pages:  375 pages
Book Received from:  Layton Green (Author) Uncorrected proof
First Lines:  They called themselves the House of Lucifer.  Thirty minutes before midnight High Priest Matthias Gregory swung wide the doors to Red Abbey, and one by one the members filed inside.

Synopsis: While investigating the murder of a Satanic cult leader, two private investigators follow the trail of a reclusive New Age prophet and are plunged into a vortex of black magic, ancient heresies, and the dark corners of their own pasts.

My Thoughts:
It's been a little while since I've read any of Layton Green's work but as always I slipped into the story as if I'd read the previous books a day before.

I found from Chapter one that it had me in it's grips.  I mean names like House of Lucifer and "the Letter" and sermons at midnight, I knew I was going to be up all night reading this from start to finish. And I did!

The biggest thing for me about these novels is the amount of research these novels must take.  And as much as there is so much to take in, I never once got bogged down by the technicals.  I loved it.  Bring on more!

Another thing I love about these novels is, from the beginning, things seem all magical and supernatural as if there could be no other logical explanation and then walks in Viktor Radek and Dominic Grey!  It's so real world

I have to say my fave character of the series will always lie with Dominic Grey.  He's the ultimate in awesome.  He's smart, switched on and doesn't let anyone pull the wool over his eyes.  His past (for me) justifies who he is as a person now and I find that well rounded in a character.  Layton has just got a way with building credible and three dimensional characters (even the bad ones) that seem to jump of the page and demand to be remembered.

Viktor has some of the same qualities as Grey and I think that's why they make such a good team,  but I think he gets a little caught up in the details of each crime.  The research.

The appearance of the blonde did throw me in the beginning, and I kept thinking she could have been somebody else throughout the novel.  It put a good spin on things and I wondered when she would pop up again and what her role would be at the end if there was one.  I was very surprised.

Dante was one creepy and sadistic bastard. (excuse the french)  I kept reading thinking, surely Grey and Dante would go head to head.  Ultimate good guy against ultimate bad dude,

This was an awesome story and another great addition to the Dominic Grey series.  I love the history and detail that Layton puts into the novel.  The characters are well formed and come alive on the page, which means from start to finish I'm glued to the book.  Well done!


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