Saturday, March 22, 2014

Monsters Galore 3 Blakk's Back

Monsters Galore 3
Blakk's Back
Trevor Salter

All but one monster have been caught by Santa Claus, shrunk to pocket size toys and wrapped as presents.
Except for Blakk who escaped through a crack in the wall.
It is now Christmas morning and the children are unwrapping their presents while Blakk is searching through the surrounding forest for a way to help his friends.
Will Blakk be able to save his friends from the children in time?
Do the monsters finally get their revenge?
Find out as this Monstrous tale of mayhem and mystery concludes.

Quick Review from Cruzito (5 years old).
It's cool.  I like the fairies and the monsters and the rhyming words.
(When asked if he wanted me to read this to him again) YES! Tonight.

You can buy Monsters Galore 3 Blakk's Back at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback!

If you'd like to buy the first two books they can be found below!

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If you'd like to find out more please follow the links below:

I've also been lucky enough to interview Trevor back in 2010. You can read the interview here

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