Thursday, February 12, 2015

Unwanted by Amanda Holohan

Title: Unwanted
Author: Amanda Holohan
Genre: Young Adult/Dystopian/ Sci Fi/Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Publication Date: 28th January 2015
ISBN: 9780143571094
Stand Alone/Series: Stand Alone I think!
Pages: 336 pages
First Lines: It was coming for her.  She sensed it following her through the empty crumbling alleyways - tracing the scent of her body, already slick with sweat

Synopsis:  All her life, Bea has wanted nothing more than to become a sniper on the wall and earn the coveted ink of a Dread warrior - a mark of distinction among her people. She knows that one day the terrifying Erebii might break through the city's outer defences, and if her people aren't prepared and the wall is breached then the last human city will fall. But everything Bea thinks she knows is about to be challenged... What does the ink really do as it flows underneath their skin and who is the mysterious Unwanted boy that keeps appearing in her life? 
My Thoughts:  I think what I enjoyed the most was the unique detail this dystopian had over other books in the genre.  It made the book stand out for me.

I love all things dystopian but there has to be an aspect that hooks me from the beginning that some books tend not to have.  For Unwanted it was the swirling ink and the crows and the Erebii.  The further along in the story and there were more aspects that made this book stand out. (I shall not mention these as they may spoil the book for others)

Unfortunately there were a few things that I didn't like.  The first one, and this could be personal preference, but the chapters in the beginning of the book seemed too long.  I don't know whether anyone else found this out, but I found that first chapter a bit of a struggle.  I was just getting to know the character but I felt there needed to be a break, even if the chapter was halved, though I know it would have been hard considering what she was doing.

The other thing that bothered me was that Gus wasn't as strong a character as I'd hoped him to be.  I mean I'm not after a super hero but a bit more fight for her would have been nice.  Maybe just me.

In saying that, I loved Bea and Red.  Two of my favourite characters for sure!  There was enough mystery about Red and it kept me itching to find out what the go was with him.

Even though there were a few things that bothered me, I absolutely loved the ending!  I fully expect a sequel!!  I can't find anywhere that there will be but I have to know what happens next.  I need to know!

I'll be keeping an eye out for more work by Amanda Holohan for sure!

Book received from:  Penguin Australia

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