Monday, September 28, 2015

Brisbane Writer's Festival Recap

 Brisbane Writer's Festival was an awesome week of Authors, both published and upcoming, writers finding their feet, students who enjoy a good read.  It was a mix of everything I love about the festival!!

I did a couple of masterclasses during the week.  An editing class with Gavin Grant, and a Supernatural masterclass with Mike Jones.  Both were incredibly informative and fun!

On Saturday I went to see the panel This Sucks: Why we Will Never Tire of Vampires with  Holly Black, Kelly Link and Trent Jamieson.  It was amazing to hear each Author talk about this!

I had a bit of time spare before Cassandra Clare and Holly Black talked on Love YA so I sat in on David Burton, Eliza Henry Jones and Kristina Schulz talking about the pathways to publication.  It was a very interesting chat and I definitely took a lot away from this.

On Sunday, I went to Shadow Hunted. Ask me anything with Cassandra Clare.  There were so many questions and a lot of secrets revealed.

After Shadowhunted we got to listen to Trent Jamieson talk about his latest release Day Boy.  I bought this from his book release and had it signed then.  Loved the book.

At the end of the day we got to hear Holly Black and Cassandra Clare talk about their latest book Magisterium. 

Admittedly, I haven't finished reading Magisterium but it is pretty good so far, and from what I heard at the chat it's only going to get better!!

My partner met me after the panel and we had dinner.  It was a rather long day but definitely an enjoyable one.  The walk back to the car was very pretty.

Definitely looking forward to going to next years Brisbane Writer's Festival. 
In November the Toowoomba Writer's Festival will be happening.  I can't wait for the timetable to go up for this.


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