Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Books Turned into Movies

Possible spoilers if you haven't watched/read The Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures

I was lucky enough to score advance screening tickets to see Beautiful Creatures last Monday.  I was over the moon.  Ecstatic that I would finally be able to see the book come to life.  I know some movies don't always include everything in books because, well frankly there are budgets, casting to consider, and not everything in a book can be adapted to film (although these days anything is possible.)  There are also things that need to take consideration as well.. not everyone is a reader, so the movie itself needs to entertain those who haven't read the book also.  It ropes in a bigger audience. You get my drift.

So the reason for this post happens to be what Beautiful Creatures directors/producers left out!  I'm not sure who else was bothered by these things but they definitely took away from the whole movie.
Boo Radley: Macon's dog who also happens to be his other set of eyes in the town of Gatlin.  I was pretty shocked that he wasn't included at all in the movie.  His part to me plays a crucial part in the next books so if they plan on making more movies I hope he pops up in them.
The Sisters:  This was a very big part of why I was disappointed by the movie.  How could you not include them.  They lighten the story and are quirky and a great asset and it's a shame they weren't included.
Marian Ashcroft: She's the Keeper of the library and I couldn't help feeling like they were cutting out on casting actors to save on money.  Just a shame they couldn't keep closer to the book.
The Climax/Ending:  That spun me out the most.  This didn't seem right at all to me.  Maybe it's been a while since I read the book but I'm sure it didn't end up like that.  And I also expected it to be a bit more doom and gloom atmosphere when this scene was happening.

I still enjoyed the film but there were big things left out that would have helped and made it more exciting.  The only other thing that really threw me and I even read the books, were the visions/flashes when holding the necklace.

The Hunger Games was another movie that came to mind.  It followed very closely to the book but the thing that bothered me about this was how Katniss received the mockingjay pin.  I think this was a very important part of the story even if it seems a small thing.  The mayors daughter gives this to Katniss to wear to represent District 12 but it's so much more than that.  By the end of The Hunger Games what the pin represents becomes a very big part in the last two books

What do you all think.  Are there books that you have read that have been made into movies and they've left out a significant part?  I'd love to hear your comments!!


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