Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disharmony: Immortal Combat by Leah Giarratano

Title:  Disharmony: Immortal Combat
Author:  Leah Giarratano
Genre:  Young Adult/ Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy
Publisher:  Penguin Australia
Publication Date:  21st August 2013
ISBN:  9780143565703
Stand Alone/Series:  Disharmony #3
Pages:  384 pages
First Lines:  No matter how desperately she dug her heels into the sun-baked clay of the Voodoo Queen's backyard, Betsy Washington closer.

A war that will end the world or save it . . .
The prophesied war is raging. Luke's destiny is unstoppable, Sam's losses and powers are unravelling her mind, and Jake's family secrets put the whole world in peril. And that's before the darkest warlock of all time makes his first move on the chessboard. A move he's planned for centuries . . . 

My Thoughts:
Immortal Combat is the last book in the Disharmony Trilogy and while I looked forward to seeing how Leah tied up the end of this series I was kind of disappointed by the ending.

I liked how she has progressed Luke, Jake and Sam's powers up to what they are and I was looking at Immortal Combat being the ultimate awesome finish but I guess it lacked the POW! that a final book should have at the final crucial moment.  It just didn't capture me.

We find out more of what each character can do in this book and seen what happens when powers emerge when each main character is not quite ready for it.  We are also introduced to the final players in the game that we have only heard snippets of in the previous two books.

I couldn't help but cheer Luke on in this novel.  He always seems to be the underdog and being the "Psychopath" doesn't always give him a good Rep!  I also loved the interactions between Luke and his sister Arabella who was a failed psychopath.  They stood out against the rest of the group but somehow I kept thinking Arabella might have played the psychopath better than Luke but I favoured him ultimately.

I would like to see more of Leah Giarratano's work as she has got some really awesome writing I just

Book received from:  Penguin Australia


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