Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Savannah Coven Series Blog Tour Stop

October, Baby!

Three things make October my favorite: 
1) My birthday 2) The arrival of crisp cool weather 3) (and this is the biggie) Halloween!

Book 7 of the
Savannah Coven Series

Now, I’ve heard it said that people who love the feeling of being scared are just “wired differently.” Well, that’s okay with me, because I love it! There’s nothing like holding your breath and waiting to see what’s behind that creaky door. Or what’s in the bushes, circling you as it growls your death.

And don’t get me started on the candy. I have to have my husband hide the bag and ration out a few pieces a day! (I’m not kidding.)

My home turns into a scarier place than most haunted houses, and with three cats running around, the creepy scene is my version of Better Homes & Gardens.

I’m sure my love of the spooky side and all things supernatural are why I write paranormal. Losing myself in the story is almost like watching a good horror movie.

That’s probably why I went a little darker with the seventh book of the Savannah coven series, “Suffering Of a Witch.” I think the story is a fitting release for October!

But until then, what’s your favorite thing this autumn month? And if you love scary movies like I do, please comment and make a recommendation!

Prize Time!!
One commenter will be chosen at random and will receive a prize package containing two signed books.  One book will be from another romance author who signed at this year's RWA conference and one from me.  Each package will also contain swag from various authors!

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