Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project Comes to a Close

Hi everyone!  I'm both happy and sad to announce that the Once Upon a Time Project has come to a close!  I want to thank everyone that participated, read or help spread the word around the blogosphere!  It was much appreciated!

Deadline for stories and covers has passed as well so now it's time to get into the voting of the awesome covers!!  You have until Friday the 29th October to vote for your favourite cover!

Here are the entries:
Title: Spellbinding Stories

(Front Cover)
Title: Broken

(Back Cover)

Title: Stories Through the Looking-Glass

Title: Without Title

(Front Cover)
Title: Light

(Back Cover)

Okay so they are the awesome entries!  You can use the voting poll on the side bar to vote for which one you like best.


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