Monday, October 4, 2010

Sticky Beak (30)

Sticky Beak is all about sharing. Sometimes we can't all get around to every single blog and website available so that's where Sticky Beak comes in. By word of mouth (well you get what I mean) we are more likely to get to those blogs that we wouldn't have normally seen without someone pointing them out to us.

The links could be to your own post, a favourite blog post you would love to share, an authors blog/website, book/writing contests, reviews you really enjoyed, tour info or anything you would love to share with others.  Just use the comments below to add your link!
For Writers:
The Sookieverse: Writer's Block Sucks. 
Other Cool Stuff To Check Out:
NaNoWriMo:  November is coming up quick so if your keen to try to reach 50,000 in 30 days come along for the fun!!  I did this last year and it resulted in me finishing my first ever novel!!  I was so excited that I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year to try and get the second novel written. 
The Rumpus: Literary City.  Cool map of San Francisco using Literary Quotes
Between The Lines: Competition winner Danielle's Interview with award-winning author, Kirsty Eagar
New Authors I've Come Across:
L.C. Glazebrook: Author of October Girls.  I have this book for review and I'm pretty excited to read it!

This week I've decided to add a question for all of you to answer.  Up on the blogs theres been alot of talk about the banning of Speak because of various reasons.  I personally want to get my hands on this book to see what all the fuss is about.  My question to you all is, do you think the content of Young Adult books today should be toned down or more talked about? (eg. drugs, sex, violence, rape etc)  Personally I think when talk turns to banning certain books, it's made me want to go out of my way more to read these.

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