Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Disaster...

If you've been following my blog for the last couple of weeks, I haven't had the best of luck.  Well, Christmas Eve is no different.  I had planned on working out the kinks in Spellbound Noticeboard when the little one went to bed.. but it never worked out that way.  Instead, we spent an hour up the hospital..

Why you're wondering?  Well.  Set the scene for you.. I'm washing dishes (which I hate doing!) and my other half and Cruzito had jumped in the shower.  I'd almost finished when I hear a thump... then "Oh Shit!  Mummy.. Mummy Quick!"  So of course I drop everything and run up the hall just about breaking my toe in the process and slam the door open to find Cruzito with his eyebrow split open.  After the episode with him putting his tooth through his lip a few weeks ago I learnt a few things quick a) Don't panic for their sake.. it only makes things worse.  b) make sure there are no mirrors in the vicinity that they can accidentally see damage!

So shaking but calm I grabbed the towel and stopped the bleeding.  "Looks like it's a trip to the hospital.." I say  Grabbed him out, got him dressed and by that time my other half is dressed and ready to go.  It's raining and all too.

We get him in the car.. and because I hadn't made a big deal he was fine.  The ride was fun, since I sat in the back and he'd obviously forgotten about his eyebrow.  Although .. since we had to skip the whole eczema cream in a rush, he was busy making a mess of his ankles by scratching.

All in all, we are fine.  He was even really chatty in the hospital towards the nurses, so yeah.  I have pictures which I intend to post so beware.. it's not too bad.  Funny though,  everytime I took picture he was saying "Cheese." lol.  Its a new thing.

Just after it happened..

Waiting at the Hospital.  He was playing with bubbles and was all happy.
An hour after the accident.  His eyebrows all glued shut and the bruise has started to appear.  He was so tired too.. poor thing. 

This is just the start though.  I know there will be plenty more to come.. It must be an unlucky day today for our family since my Dad broke his front tooth and had to go to the Dentist to have it pulled. 

What will Christmas Day bring.  (Knocking on wood as I say this.. the last thing I need is to have more dramas)

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