Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Magic: Winterlong Tour Musical Blog Hop

Music is a strong theme in Random Magic  -- so strong, in fact, that one of the celestial characters Winnie
and Henry meet is Efterpe, the Muse of music.

In celebration of the winter season, here’s a fun blog hop to check out. You’ll find lovely songs with wintry themes that also match some of the
important themes in the book.

Come sit by the fire and enjoy a musical feast for friends with us...

You are here: #1 of 10 (Spellbound by Books)

Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons
Live performance: Winter Winds
Song and book themes: Buoyancy - Good Cheer

Random Magic quote:

A young girl, her silver hair in pigtails, burst through the door. Her hot-orange t-shirt and lime green mini-skirt were startling in the gloom. She
bounced along on purple sneakers that lit up with every step she took.
Henry stared.
“Our daughter,” the Count said wearily. “Hypatia.” (More)

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Bonus: Free MP3 (as avail.): Cinnamon and Chocolate - Butterfly Boucher

Check out music stop #2 of 10: Take me there 

(If you enjoy a particular music pick, please consider buying the track to help support the person or group that created it for everyone’s enjoyment. River of Light  is the unofficial soundtrack for the 2010 Random Magic winter season tour, Random Magic: Winterlong. Happy listening!)

For the impatient, here are all the blogs on the hop:

#1 of 10: Spellbound by Books 
Themes: Buoyancy - Good Cheer

#2 of 10: Geeky Blogger Themes: Reflection - Spirituality

Themes: Fortitude - Quirkiness

Themes: Tenderness - Devotion

Themes: Mystery - Magic

Themes: Celebration - Humor

Themes: Love - Geniality

Themes: Comedy - Creativity

Themes: Hope - Light

#10 of 10: The Fluidity of Time (Twitter n/a)
Themes: Art - Beauty - Inspiration

Reader note: You're invited! Do you have a favorite tune for the winter season? Feel free to share some of your top tunes in the comments,
maybe everyone will find a great new song to check out.



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