Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve....

New Years is almost here and I'm sure some, if not most are making their New Years Resolution.  Every year mine seem to be the same, so I can't be blamed for consistency LOL.  But it would be nice to achieve some of the goals I set.. well at least for one year.

So here are my goals for the year:

Give Up Smoking: It's a bad habit and one resolution I have every year.  Although this year I'm not going to try and start New Years Day, since I'm not exactly prepared lol.

Finish Editing Hallows Edge:  Since Christmas time has been hectic I haven't had a chance to put much time in editing this.  It's still in the very raw stages but I hope to have it done.

Be More Organized:  This is probably my biggest one.  Especially with blogging!  So that's why I've decided to jumble things around for the New Year.  This will start on Monday so check it out.  I'm looking at Spellbound Bookshelves a newish feature where readers can share their pictures of bookshelves! Thanks Amy at Stuffed Bookshelf for that idea :)  I will also have Spellbound Noticeboard up and running this week also, so if you have a book or book blog feature you would love to promote, send me the details and I will help get the word out there.

Do something daring:  I don't know whether I'd go all the way to sky diving.  That may be a little too daring, but something like that. 

Write another novel: This is a must.  Whether it be for NaNoWriMo or something in between.  I really need to get some more writing done.  I tend to get a bit whacky if I haven't written in a while and really, I'm sure my family and friends could use the break occasionally :)  Imagination tends to get carried away a bit.

Keep up to date with review copies coming in:  I've received many e-books lately and have had to put a temporary stop to this.  I find reading paperbacks easier to read than I do reading from my Kobo eReader.  It's easier on my eyes.

So this is just a couple of my New Years Resolutions.  I figure if I have a few I can at least cross a couple off my list.

So how about you?  What are your New Years Resolutions for this year?  If you'd like to send a pic in of your bookshelves please do. You can send these to

If you'd like to be featured on Spellbound Noticeboard you can contact me on the same email.  Please make sure to use Spellbound Noticeboard in the subject line.

Hope everyone is having a fun New Years and look forward to bringing you some more fun on my blog for the New Year.  Be Safe!

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  1. You're smart not to jump head first into quitting. If you're not ready then it would just be for practice and not the real thing. Hang in there and I wish you success on that front.

    As for blogging.... Hell, organization is definitely priority. Personally, I have to slow down and take care of what I have going on then slowing build upon it. You do have some great ideas so i am sure you'll do great!!

    BTW, I remember you wanting a Book Jacket. I would love to send one your way in exchange for a blurb on your blog. I will send you an email reply to the one you sent. I saved it. =D!!!

    Enjoy this new year!!!!!



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