Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sticky Beak (46)

Sticky Beak is all about sharing. Sometimes we can't all get around to every single blog and website available so that's where Sticky Beak comes in. By word of mouth (well you get what I mean) we are more likely to get to those blogs that we wouldn't have normally seen without someone pointing them out to us.

The links could be to your own post, a favourite blog post you would love to share, an authors blog/website, book/writing contests, reviews you really enjoyed, tour info or anything you would love to share with others. Just use the comments below to add your link!

Here's Mine:

For Writers:
Deadline Dames: When the Writing Isn't Working
Marianne Delacourt: Crime Writing with Meg Vann
Acorn Independant Press.Ltd: 5 Aside Story

Cool Stuff To Check Out:
Randomhouse Publishing: Read Chapter one of Burn Bright!!
Good Choice Reading: Saturday Sayings, a new meme worth checking out! The Dog's who listen to Children Reading.  I thought this was really cute
Better Read than Dead: Worth checking out.

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