Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rachel Caine Blogger-Breakfast, Brisbane

I was lucky enough to be invited by the awesome people at Penguin Australia to attend a Blogger-only breakfast with bestselling Author Rachel Caine!

You can imagine how excited I was to finally meet  Rachel Caine, AND fellow Queensland bloggers Brittany from Nice Girls Read Books and Lisa from Badass Bookie.  So the last couple of days have been filled with random "Oh My God" every so often while working, with no explanation whatsoever.  This is why! lol

But I must say that getting there was an adventure within itself!

Determined to be prepared for today I was up all night last night until just after 12 making sure I had everything ready for the morning.  I stayed at Mum's house so I could get up and go, and leave the little one still asleep (alot easier getting ready without him swinging off my leg). 
Disaster no 1.  Despite the two alarms I set for 5am, Mum comes in at 5:30 to wake me up.  First thought - I haven't slept long enough, give me five more minutes, Second thought - Holy **** I'm meant to be at the train station in 20 minutes.  I can't miss that!
Disaster no 2.  I miss the train I was meant to be on and as I'm walking down the stairs the second train turns up,  I forget to scan the go card (never used it before) and get on!  I spend the next half hour on my iPhone doing some last minute brush ups on the Morganville Vampire Books (Gotta love Wikipedia and Goodreads)
Disaster no 3.  Just a note - When in a hurry, DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE MAPS!  That being said I started following said maps and realise that I have walked a block in the OPPOSITE direction of where I'm meant to be going! lol.

Main thing is I got there in time, and just a warning for those coming from Adelaide Street way to get to Medina Executive, there is one steep hill to get to reception! (Picture above does not do that hill justice.  Alot steeper in real life lol)

The breakfast was delicious and the atmosphere was so relaxed that I wondered why I had been nervous to begin with!  We were even lucky to receive some goodies including official residency in Morganville thanks to the Id card Rachel Caine brought for us, as well as a very funky looking bookmark. 

Rachel was so easy going and willing to answer every question we threw her way.  We also got a few little hints for what we might expect for Book 11 Last Breath which will be out in November this year.  I can't wait. 

Felicity, Marketing Manager of Penguin was just equally as cool and it was awesome to finally meet her as well.  I'm sure I drove her nuts with my emails leading up to the Blogger Breakfast!

After brekky, Rachel was kind enough to do some booksigning and have some photos taken.

(From left to right) Brett, Brittany from Nice Girls Read Books, Rachel Caine, Lisa from Badass Bookie, and me!

Afterwards I hung out with Brittany and Brett doing some serious bookhunting around Brisbane before I had to venture on back to work!  It was good to be able to just talk books with someone else who loved them just as much as I do. (Lisa we wish you could have been there too)  I would have loved to stay for the booksigning but maybe next time :)

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Penguin Group, Rachel Caine, Felicty, Brittany, Lisa and Brett for an unforgettable experience.  This may be my first book blogger event but I hope to have many more down the track!  You all ROCK!!

P.S  I loved your phone cover Lisa!
P.P.S Check out the slippers I'm going to order!!  Look familiar?? :)

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