Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everything Left Unsaid by Jessica Davidson

Author:  Jessica Davidson
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  Pan Macmillan
Publication Date:  1st August 2012
ISBN:  9780330424950
Stand alone or series:   Stand Alone
Pages:  305 pages
Book Received from:  Pan Macmillan (Publisher)
First Lines:  Tai is laughing.  He's trying to make it sound creepy and sinister, like something from an old Dracula movie, but he can't quite make it happen, and it just sounds hollow and forced.

Tai and Juliet have been best friends forever – since they met at kindy and decided to get married in first grade.
They understand each other in the way that only best friends can.
They love music, beach walks, energy drinks and, they are slowly discovering, each other.
As they dream of adventures beyond the HSC – a future free of homework, curfews and parents, a life together – their plans are suddenly and dramatically derailed.
For Tai is sick.
And not everything you wish for can come true.

My Thoughts:
When I received this proof from Pan Macmillan I was pretty excited to get my hands on it.  Little did I realise how much this book would really affect me.

There are so many things that remind me back to when I was a teen.  I guess this is one of the big reasons that it drew me right in.

Juliet's relationship with Tai definitely rung true for me.  Turning from best mates to more than that, for me, didn't feel rushed at all.  The thing is, in highschool everything seems to happen alot faster.  And because Juliet and Tai had a very long friendship, it felt natural for them to fall in love.

I love how Jessica has written this book from both Juliet and Tai's POV.  I don't think this story could have been written any other way.  Especially when Tai starts to take turn for the worse it helped knowing his reasoning behind the things he did.  It also hurt a little hearing it from him.  Like the pain seemed more closer to home as I read from his POV.

The story from about 3/4's through to the end.  Wow!  I recommend a LARGE box of tissues!  Actually I recommend you grab this as you sit down to start reading.  I read this book from start to finish in one sitting.  And by the end of it I was a blubbering mess.  Even the cat was looking at me strangely.

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