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Mieradome by Kate O'Hegarty

Title:  Mieradome
Author:  Kate O'Hegarty
Genre: Young Adult
Distribution Comp:  Book Masters  
Publication Date: 1 June 2010
Book Length: 423 (E-book)
Special thanks to Kate O'Hegarty for asking me to review this book.

Mieradome, revolves around a young girl named Amavia, who believes she is a human girl, but slowly comes to find she is a faery in the world of Mieradome. Amavia's mother, Anastasica, had taken her out of the faery realm and hidden her away here in our human realm, so that she may be protected from her parents' past mistakes. But that was not enough, the forces that be found Amavia, and brought her back into the cosmos of the Grandmother Tree. There she meets other faeries, goblins, Telkar dragons, and Utopisols. Slowly who Amavia really was began to unravel to show the truth. The truth, that she just may be the evil they need to destroy. This is where the story begins.

My Thoughts
Mieradome is a quite complex story of a young girl Amavia and her journey in discovering who she is and what she is destined to become.

The very beginning had me wondering what was going to happen next.  Kate did well capturing my interest, but I have to admit that I did struggle for the next few chapters.  I was a little overwhelmed with the details and names that were thrown in at the beginning.  I also found that the narrative distanced me somewhat from the characters.   By about a quarter of the way through I could focus more on the characters and the story since the scenery was set and it wasn't drawing me away from the characters.

I felt most drawn to Caiden and Ditto but I liked the originality of the other characters as well.  Sasha was also quite amusing.  The story line was fast paced and intriguing and at times I was having trouble guessing where the story was going next.  Which was Good!

Kate O'Hegarty has done a nice job of writing her first novel Mieradome.  While this novel is far from perfect she shows alot of talent there waiting to break out.

A little info about Kate

I have a B.A in Liberal Arts from Goddard College in March '09 and am a Library Helper at my local city library in their children's department programs.  I live in the Central Valley of Modesto and recently discovered my maternal 3rd Great Aunt Dora DuFran was a famous brothel madam in Deadwood, South Dakota.  My senior BA thesis was a history of this madam.  I have been working on my fantasy novel Mieradome, for 7 years.  I began working on writing the story on Oct. 31 2002, Halloween, (when I accidentally forgot to buy candy that year and needed something to occupy my time my time so I didn't go crazy with people continuing to bang on my door).  I had a dream a few days before I started writing, about a young girl looking out on a second story balcony towards a tall oak tree in her backyard, as she watched a bright lighted spec disappear into the leaves and branches of the tree.  Just as this young girl was curious where that lighted spec went in the tree, I was too.  I wrote this story to figure it out.  I am 27 years old and live in the Central Valley of California which has helped inspire me to write about locations I've traveled to, and also internationally.

You can find more info about Kate on her blog,
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