Monday, March 8, 2010

Sticky Beak (1)

Hi all! 
There are so many Book and Author Blogs out there, but only so many hours a day to view them and there  are still alot of wonderful blogs seen and are missing out on.  So I got to thinking, how cool would it be if there was a post that listed contests/giveaways, cool reviews, book tours, interviews, etc etc on the one post.  Impossible right?  Well, for one person yes.  So I'd love if you all could join in and help me get this feature up and running.

The links could be to your own post, a favourite blog post you would love to share, an author's website/blog, book/writing contests, reviews you really enjoyed, tour info or anything book or writing related that you would love to share with others.

All that I ask is that for the Your Name part you list the book blog name and possibly a one word description to let others know what the link is e.g Contest, review, tourdate, authorblog, etc.  you get what I mean.  (this is only temporary until I can get access to the Super-linky widget)

If you would like to let others know which links you have posted please use the comments section for this.

Okay to kick start this week here are mine.

250 Followers Contest over at Read Into This!  (International)
Wake and Swag Contest over at Just Blinded Book Reviews (U.S Residents Only)
Liar ARC Giveaway over at Handle Like Hendrix (International)
102 Follower Contest over at Holes In My Brain (International)
Awesome Contests over at Storywings  (which I have noticed list a few of the contests mentioned above)

Birthmarked Review over at Steph Su Reads
Literary Based Movie Reviews Part One over at Lily's Bookshelf

Author Websites
How the Deadline Dames met over at Deadline Dames (This is a Fabulous Post)

Okay thats all from me for now, so I'll leave it in your hands.  Email me and tell me what you think.  I will run this weekly on a Monday and see how we go.  Thank you all.

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  1. Melissa! Awesome idea! I often feel the same. There is so much good stuff out there that it is actually overwhelming! One place to find everything you need would be a wonderful help! Will you have a button that we can add to our blog to link back to the one stop shop of book blogging?

    Thanks for this!



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