Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interview with Knight from To Kill A Warlock

Spellbound by Books would like to welcome, the sexy Knight from To Kill A Warlock by H.P Mallory to answer some questions!  So here goes:

1. Three words to describe your life right now?

Will you settle for one? Hectic!

2. What's your relationship status? Single? Dating?

Currently I’m single but I’ve got my eye on a fairy who frustrates the hell out of me…

3. We learn a little about you in To Kill a Warlock, but tell me, as a Loki what is your specialty?

Well, I can tell you that as a Loki, we’re pretty secretive. But, just a taster—we were born from the fire of Hades so we can withstand the elements and we’re as strong as a vampire. And fairy magic doesn’t work on us—a little fact I love throwing at Dulcie.

4. If you weren't working for the A.N.C (Association for Netherworld Creatures) what would your ideal job be?

Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. I’ve always had law enforcement in my blood.

5. What was the scariest/spookiest case you've worked on?

The case I worked with Dulce was a pretty frightening one. Dealing with Netherworld creatures is never fun, especially when they’re tearing people up left and right. What I can tell is you once the creature went after Dulcie, it became personal.

6. What would be your least favourite netherworld creature? Why?

I’m not particularly fond of elves at the moment.
Thank you to Knight and H.P. Mallory for taking the time to answer some questions.  You can find
more about To Kill a Warlock over at H.P. Mallory's website

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