Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Accidents Happen by Marlene Sanchez

Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Publisher: Romantic Trysts Publications 
Publication Date: 18 April 2010
Stand alone or series: Series
Pages: 223 pages
Book Received from: Author
First Lines: It seemed as if he had the target in sight. When he aimed his .38 caliber revolver and pulled the trigger, she saw him close his eyes as the recoil threw his arms in the air.

Martina Rosequete isn’t a cop anymore. But when her best friend, Jen, is killed in a fall from her own balcony Marti’s cop instincts tell her it isn’t an accident. Her investigation into Jen’s death leads Marti to a string of accident’s that aren’t… In the seedy underworld of Miami run by the notorious Pascual crime family Marti put’s her life on the line to find the truth. There is only one man she can trust, her neighbor, sometime-lover Eddie. But when Eddie buying things he shouldn’t be able to afford on a cops salary, Marti begins to wonder if she really can trust anyone. Nothing is ever as it seems when Accidents Happen….

My Thoughts:
Accidents Happen is the story of an ex cop Martina, who finds herself on an unofficial investigation when her friend Jen apparently commits suicide.  Marti knows Jen wasn't the sort of girl who would deliberately end her life.  When Marti goes through some old momentos and photos she's kept, she comes across an envelope that she doesn't remember being there before... and so begins the questions.

I enjoyed reading about Marti, Eddie and Jackie and was pretty engrossed in the story but there were a few things that I found that annoyed me a little.  It seemed a bit of a slow start in Chapter One, and while the lead up to Jen's 'suicide' did help to set the scene and get to know the characters, I felt that it could have been left up to the reader to work it out for themselves.

Marti is a strong and independant character and reminds me of myself a bit in terms of her liking to do things for herself and not relying on others.  She's witty and feisty too, another strong trait I like in main characters.  I got the impression Marti was supposed to be a bit impulsive but I didn't really see much of it shown in her actions up until one point where she goes and does something without waiting for the others.  To me it felt out of character though. 

Marti and Eddie's (her friend with benefits) relationship was amusing at best and at times I could have sworn it seemed like they were an old married couple. 

My only other gripe was that the end of the story seemed to end abruptly for me and I wanted there to be a bit more finality in that last scene.  That's just my personal opinion though. 

All in all, I did still enjoy Accidents Happen.  It was a great story that kept me interested all the way through.  It did feel a little raw around the edges but am curious to see what else Martina gets up to next!

Fave Line:  Marti.  I'm hurt.  Sex isn't the only thing I think about when I ask you if you need any company.  I just want to cuddle." - Eddie


  1. Just might check the series out, thanks for the review.

  2. Sounds a little Janet Evanovich to me, which I love. Main characters are always strong and feisty. Thanks for the review. I'll be checking this one out.

  3. Thanks for the review. I read the book and I agree, Sanchez's story is reminiscent of Evanovich. Marti could be compared to Stephanie Plum, but she is much harder and edgier. Plum is Birthday Cake, Marti is Black Beans and Rice. I did love this book, but I would love to see more of Marti's relationships.



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