Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flood Pictures in Queensland

Hey all,

Going to be updating as the day goes with pics of flooding around the area.  So stay tuned.

The above pics are taken of the Bremer River at Rosewood yesterday afternoon (11 January)

The One Mile bridge in Ipswich Yesterday afternoon (11 January)

View of Coles in Ipswich early this morning (12 January) 

These 2 pics above are of Goodna early this morning. (12 January)
This was added in You Tube on the 10th January. 


This is my work this morning.  :(  (12 January)
A shot further back of my workplace (12 January)

Turley Street this morning (12 January)

At Hungry Jacks at Bundamba this morning.  Click on this to get a bigger picture! (12 January)

Videroni Street, Bundamba this morning (12 January)
(Behind the Racetrack)

One of many housese on Videroni Street, Bundamba.  The water was coming up as I was taking these pics (12 January)

Bundamba Creek.  It was up over the bridge real early this morning (12 January)

Crazy Clarks early this morning at Goodna (12 January)

Videroni Street Bundamba this morning (12 January)

Bachmann Plant Hire around 9 this morning (12 January)

Ipswich Highway at Goodna facing towards Brisbane this morning (12 January)

Ipswich Road, Oxley taken today (12 January )

More Updates Soon


  1. oh goodness Melissa. This is terrible. I'm sorry.

    Please, be safe.

  2. Thanks for the update. I'm so glad I'm not home in QLD at the moment. I heard about the Brisbane river overflowing too which is just crazy.

  3. Oh my gosh I've been seeing this all over the news-it's horrible! I really hope things improve; stay safe!

  4. Oh my god, I hope your home isn't effected, and all your family and friends are safe. It's horrible :-(

  5. There are no words! It's absolutely heartbreaking. We are in Brisbane, thankfully in safe area and many of my family are in Toowoomba. Stay safe!

  6. Thanks everyone. It's hard especially watching the news and thinking it could be someone we know. Our area is okay. Goodna, the next suburb over has copped it pretty bad.

    The water around my work has subsided somewhat so we are able to get in there and start cleaning up tomorrow. Thank god for water trucks though since the boss is going to blast the inside of the office before we come in to clean. Most of the job will be done for us :)

    I really feel for those who have lost their homes and loved ones. It really does break my heart to see so many affected

  7. Thank you for posting this photos. I have been thinking about the aussie bloggers I follow and have wondered how ya all are doing? I hope things are starting to get better. Your in our thoughts and prayers.



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