Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Magicus Catonium by Udita Plaha

Title:  Magicus Catonium 
Author:  Udita Plaha
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  Global Star Trading, LLC
Publication Date: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4507-2559-0
Stand alone or series: Series
Pages: 153
Book Received from:  Author
First Lines:  Wind whipped her hair around her face as she stared in shock at the man approaching her cautiously.
“Ria could see the usually clear wind compacting, turning into a translucent solid, and slicing through the trunk of the tree. The wind seemed to carry farther than she had anticipated and in that split second, she saw it all go wrong.”
In the introductory book of the Praesidis series, two fourteen year old girls start a journey to correct the damage done to Magicus Catonium. In the process, they develop abilities unknown to most and finally discover their true identities. Even under the protection of two young but capable wizards, their journey is marked with many battles, not all ending in victory. To really defeat their villain, the girls must learn to distinguish between enemies and friends while under the pressure of a world spiraling out of control. Follow the girls as they rise to their full potential and assume their roles as the next Praesidis of Magicus Catonium.

My Thoughts
I've always loved stories about characters stumbling upon magical places or suddenly having to learn to use magic they didn't know existed.  I guess deep down I think, how cool would that be if it actually happened? 

This story starts with Anna and Ria stumbling into a world that they never knew existed.  Different, spectacular and also dangerous.  Udita Plaha has created a vast magical world with interesting inhabitants.

The story is told in third person oniscient and while I believe it works well at times it was slightly confusing.

The main characters Anna and Ria, along with several secondary characters make a good team and also give the story some depth.  My only problem was at times I had trouble telling the difference between Anna and Ria.  I really enjoyed Marn the water nymph.  She was gentle and determined, willing to go out of her way for her own family as well as those she has just met.

Magicus Catonium felt rough around the edges.  I'm no expert or anything but I've read a few books and I think that with a little more work on the writing and add a few distinct traits to a couple of the characters, it would be a better story.

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