Friday, September 24, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project G5 Update

Hey everyone!  How's the writing??  Hopefully all is going well with everyone.  So tonight I've spent most of my time designing covers for this post.  I think I've had more fun than I've had successes as I'm using a Banner program online.  I'm yet to install Photoshop but I will get there eventually!! A Prize will be added to this and the first G5 post soon

So here's mine.

If you would like to participate in the Cover & Title Contest just read the info at the bottom of the post and start creating.  Send your entries to with the subject line Cover & Title Contest.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to either ask me via the comment section or email me at the address above.  Thanks

 Here's the Rules

Cover to be in portrait (5"x8" or 13x20cm)
Type: JPG or PNG
(If using your camera, 3 megapixel or higher)
Deadline: 18 October 2010 10pm AEST (This date has been changed)
The Theme/Design can be whatever you like.
Please consider the stories that have been posted so far when designing your cover.

Judging: Will be done by visitors of the blog. I will post the covers up (with their titles) and you will get a chance to decide. The person with the most votes will be chosen and the cover and title will be used on the book.
If using other people's images, you must have their permission before doing so.
The Winner of the Cover and Title Contest will receive a copy of the book when it's published.
If there are any questions please either use the contact form on here or email me at (Please Use Cover & Title Contest in subject line)



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