Monday, June 27, 2011

Amaretto Flame by Sammie Spencer

Title:  Amaretto Flame
Author:  Sammie Spencer
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Young Adult      
Publication Date:  24 March 2011 
Stand alone or series:  Book 1 in Eagleton Coven series 
Pages: 270
Book Received from:  Sammie Spencer (Author)
First Lines: I was angry. I was so angry that I felt as though my body could burst open withthat anger.


When Olivia Landry screams, people die. No wonder she's been shunned by humans her whole life. When Olivia makes a huge mistake, she's banished for a summer to a human town; forced to live as one of them. She's out for revenge when she discovers the humans are different than she imagined, especially the rugged, sexy guitarist, Jackson Vance.

Pretending to be human isn't as hard as she thought it would be...until the witch hunters attack. Now Olivia must somehow protect herself, her family, and her new human friends. There's a problem with that. When you go around screaming, people are bound to learn your secret. Can love really conquer anything?

My Thoughts:
Amaretto Flame is the first book in the Eagleton Coven series and I've got to say I will be waiting eagerly for the next book in this series!

Sammie Spencer has created a fantastic and diverse cast of characters and ones I was easily able to fall in love with.  Olivia, the main character in Amaretto Flame is a strong and stubborn character yet quite sheltered and I definitely enjoyed reading from her point of view.  When she is sent away I instantly fell in love with her and was amused at her rebellious attitude when it came to taking the job at the bar.  I could definitely relate to that and almost see myself doing the same thing if put in that position lol.

Jackson Vance, enough said!  He was the yummy and mysterious character that shows up and takes your breath away.  I loved him right from the beginning and looked forward to every time Olivia encounters him.  Everett is another favourite too.  I really liked how Sammie gave each wish a gift that somehow went with their personality, although Olivia's was kinda scary lol.
I thoroughly enjoyed the main story and sub plots.  There's a wide variety that Amaretto Flame offers readers including the quite obvious paranormal side, dash here and there of romance and action where needed ;) and this I think is where Sammie Spencer's writing shines.

A definite recommended read for those of you that enjoy a good paranormal romance.  Oh and I loved the very ending of the story!
Fave Line:  'She looked so amazing when she said it that I almost wanted to get lost with her, whatever that meant.' - Page 130

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