Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Charlie's here...

Thanks to the awesome Rachel from Parajunkee Design, My Alter Ego Charlie is here!!

My Alter Ego Charlie
Which means a few things..

  • Spellbound By Books will be strictly bookish stuff now!
  • You'll get a glimpse/flash into Charlie's life (The other me lol)
  • Unless there are Bookshelves pics to be posted or guest posts/giveaways scheduled in, Monday's will be post free on Spellbound. - I felt I needed to at least dedicate one whole day to Charlie.
By all means go check out the flashy site!  Tell me what you think!  I'm nervous and excited to have the secret side of my writing and personal stuff so freely posted but you know what.. it's Charlie not me so it's ok *wink wink*

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