Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awesome Postcard from Adi Alsaid

So on Adi Alsaid's website he had an awesome invitation that while he was on his travels, he was planning on picking up some postcards to send out to people.   So I figured what the hell, and asked if he would send to Australia, and I'm so stoked that he said yes.  So in my email I asked if he could write about 'The Travelling Suitcase'.  Yesterday I checked the mail and lo and behold my 'travelling postcard' turned up.

Thank you heaps and here is the story Adi Alsaid wrote on there.

'The suitcase loaded itself onto the belt and hoped its humans wouldn't be mishandled on their way to the seated cargo area.  It had brought two humans with it - perhaps excessive for a weekend trip, but the hotel had plenty of space for them, so why not?  An overstuffed blue bag took its place next to the suitcase and so it closed its zipper, slept through the flight and dreamed of beaches.'

Thank you heaps!  I loved it!

P.S. Adi Alsaid is the author of Somewhere Over the Sun.  This book is worth checking out ;)

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