Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Short Story Mini Reviews (1)

I created Short Story Mini Reviews for those short stories that were sent in that I didn't want to give too much of the storyline away.. 

Title: In The Dunes
Author: John Leahy
Pages: 22 
Format: eBook (epub) Buy here: Lillibridge Press
My Thoughts
An exceptionally creepy story about a man looking for his best friend who goes missing in the dunes.  I enjoyed all 22 pages especially the last part!  My favourite line was when Neil is talking to his son Jack. "..Just because I worked for a bank doesn't mean I am one." Page 5.

Author: Marilyn Peake
Pages: 13 
Format:  eBook (epub) Buy Here: Amazon
My Thoughts
A beautiful yet sad story of a Chinese family who find and take in a faery baby and raise her as their own despite the one child policy that's in place.  I really enjoyed this one but was shocked at the punishment delved out to a family living across the river.  

Author:  Marilyn Peake
Pages: 16
Format: eBook (epub) Buy Here: Amazon
My Thoughts
 Coyote Crossing is a disturbing story of a teen girl Maria and her siblings risking their lives to leave Mexico illegally to start new in the US.  Ferried across by 'Coyotes' I was appalled yet not surprised at the treatment of Maria and the extra price she paid for a better life.  When she arrives at her new home it is not what she expects at all and it will leave others wondering whether the grass really is greener on the other side!  Careful as there is adult content in this one.

I'd like to thank both John Leahy and Marilyn Peake for providing me with review copies of their books!

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