Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brief Hiatus

Hi all,

I won't be blogging until either Saturday or Sunday of this week due to assignments being due as well as trying to get up to date with some of my review books that need to be read (So I can fill up the weeks with lots of reviews hehe) Hopefully you all will understand that this is only a brief hiatus and I shall be up and blogging very soon.

I'll still be trying to put up the occasional post over at My Alter Ego Charlie but we will see.

Oh before I forget, go check out Harlequin Teen's Facebook page!!  For your chance to interview and internationally best selling author Maria V. Snyder AND win an Ipad 2 all you have to do is like them!!  She's on tour in Australia and New Zealand in August 2011 so don't miss out!

Until the weekend.

Enjoy peoples.

Oh yeah don't forget to check out Felicity Heaton's awesome post on Vampires tomorrow!  Great Read!!

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