Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reckoning by Lili St.Crow

Title:  Reckoning
Author:  Lili St.Crow
Genre:  Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher:  Penguin Aust (Imprint: Razorbill)
Publication Date:  31st October 2011
ISBN:  9781921518942
Stand alone or series:   Last Book in the Strange Angels series
Pages:  314 pages
Book Received from:  Penguin Australia (Publisher)
First Lines:  Stealing a car was easy.  The hard part was putting up with the whining.

Possible spoilers if you haven't read the previous 4 books!
This is it.
Sixteen-year-old orphan Dru Anderson has faced down suckers, zombies, and wulfen without flinching. And now that she's bloomed into a full-fledged svetocha, she doesn't even need a gun. But the Real World is still a frightening place . . . and things are about to get ugly. Really ugly.
Dru Anderson has escaped with her life, but she's not out of the woods yet. She's on the lam in a stolen car with her best friend Graves riding shotgun and a Broken wulf named Ash curled up in the backseat. Desperate, Dru heads deep into the Appalachian Mountains to the one place she thinks they'll be safe. But her grandmother's wards and enchantments can't keep Dru's scent from the suckers for long – especially when Dru is betrayed by the one person she trusts most.
It's all come down to this.

ONE battle. ONE choice ONE final sacrifice.


My Thoughts:
The Strange Angels books have been an awesome series and I was lucky enough to be sent this from the Publishers.  Reckoning is the final book in the series and I must say as much as I didn't want it to end, I think this last book has wrapped things up pretty well.

Dru, Graves and the broken wulf Ash are on the run from more than just the nosferat!  I really felt that Dru grew more of a backbone in this one moreso than any of the other books in the series.  She has definitely grown into the svetocha she's meant to be and she wasn't afraid to get in the action.

Graves annoyed me a little bit in the beginning with his hot/cold attitude towards Drew but I have to admit, though it's not clear in the beginning you find out why the more into the book you get.  Ash, the broken wulf is definitely one character I really liked with his trademarked "Bang" comments throughout that made me smile.  I'm also glad to see some characters from previous books showing up in the Reckoning for the finale.

I think Lili has done an awesome job in bringing the story altogether and tying it up nicely.  And, I did enjoy the ending, nicely done.  I didn't quite picture the last bit going the way it did.  But I shall say no more :)

The Strange Angels books are one series I recommend reading if you enjoy Young Adult/Urban Fantasy.  Give it a try


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