Saturday, April 10, 2010

Author Signings - Trevor Salter

The Talented  Australian Author, Illustrator AND Cartoonist Trevor Salter was at Angus and Robertson Bookstore at Redbank Plaza today.  I was lucky enough to grab a few signed copies of his children's book Monsters Galore and a few photos.

It was great!  Trevor even had a whiteboard set up for doing monster drawings for the kids!

(From The Monsters Galore Website)
Monsters Galore is the first book in a series and a delightful tale for children all over. Written in rhyme accompanied by colourful illustration Monsters Galore is a fun and imaginative exploration into the world of children's monsters.

Have monsters ever been happy or have they always been scary? Find out as this monstrous mystery unfolds for two children Ben and Kate who one night many, many years ago invite the monsters to a party under Ben's bed.

Monsters Galore also includes some fun activities for children.

You can buy Monsters Galore and  at The Book Garden.

Author Interview and Giveaway coming soon as well as more info about Trevor's other books!!


  1. Redbank Plains - Melissa are you located in Brisbane? Alaine, Teddyree and I are all located on Brisbane's southside!

  2. Yep!! That's cool to know some other book bloggers in the area! :)

  3. Oh wow. I came on here to say I didn't realise you were from Brizvagas and then look there's more of you! I'm not quite there but I'm on the Gold Coast! Hello fellow, Queenslanders!

  4. Theres Book bloggers popping up everywhere from Queensland. This is fantastic!! I was starting to think I wasn't going to find many more! Thanks for posting on here guys :)

  5. Hi, I'm in Mansfield, Qld. One of our daughters plans on moving up your way in a few months. It's so good to know other Aussie but to find Queenslanders as well is fantastic!



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