Sunday, April 4, 2010

What The?

So I was reading the Sunday Mail this morning and I come across the title 'Fetch it Yourself: Urban mail hubs to replace home letterboxes'.  WHAT THE?  I like getting mail in my letterbox and more to the point BOOKS!  Apparently the new developments will target Augustine Heights, Redbank Plains South(though I didn't know there was a Redbank Plains South), Spring Mountain and Ripley Valley, as well as western Sydney.  Cr Tully said, "It will be the end of mail being flogged," and they were worried about the 'rising costs and declining mail volumes'.

So they are the supposed facts behind this new ridiculous service.  But did they even consider those of us that are physically unable (namely the elderly and disabled) that can't make it to the Post Office?  Or the fact that it will require more parking around the Post Office centres or the fact that they are going to put alot of people out of jobs? Or the parents who have a million and one things to do and don't need to add in another trip to the post office because they don't deliver to letterboxes?  Most importantly, those of us that actually get excited when coming home from work and wondering what the lovely Postie has brought us in our mailbox?

And if thats the new delivery service, well then, what are we going to use our letterboxes for apart from the number of the house?  Pointless really!

I don't usually voice my opinion so publicly about things like this but this has really hit a sore spot for me.  And if there was a vote to have this brought in, well I'm absolutely opposed to it.

So there! Venting Done.  What do you all think about this?


  1. Wow. I'm definitely opposed to it too. Terrible idea. Thank goodness this isn't happening in my neighborhood!

  2. WHAT?! That's a TERRIBLE idea! I couldn't imagine having to go to the post office to get my mail! That's an extra unneeded hassle and chore to add to my already busy day! I really hope they don't actually keep this idea!



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