Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Light Beneath Ferns by Anne Spollen

Title:  Light Beneath Ferns
Author: Anne Spollen
Genre:Young Adult
Publisher: Flux

Publication Date: February 2010
Book Length: 206
Stand alone or Series: Stand alone

Synopsis (from Goodreads)
Elizah Rayne is nothing like other fourteen-year-old girls. More interested in bird bones than people, she wraps herself in silence. Trying to escape the shadow of her gambler father, Elizah and her mother move into an old house that borders a cemetery. All her mother wants is for them to have "normal" lives. But that becomes impossible for Elizah when she finds a human jawbone by the river and meets Nathaniel, a strangely hypnotic and mysterious boy who draws Elizah into his world.

Only by forgetting everything she knows can Elizah understand the truth about Nathaniel—and discover an unimaginable secret. 

My Thoughts

I loved the cover!  When my package was delivered I ripped it open and the cover felt so soft, I think I sat there for few minutes running my hands over it.  Strange I know, but I did.  The back doesn't reveal much of what to expect and in some ways it was a nice change.

The story is about Elizah, a socially detached teenage girl who has moved into a new town with her mother.  Creepy factor: her mother is the caretaker for the local cemetary and their house is right there amongst the headstones.  And Eliza likes bird bones.

Light Beneath Ferns has it's good points and bad points.  I liked the way her mother was branching out yet I didn't like the way she pushed her daughter into doing things Elizah wasn't comfortable with.

I'm also used to reading books alot longer so it only took me a few hours to read this.  I really liked the start of this book 'Not the First Chapter'.

I'm still undecided as to whether I liked this book or not.  I think it all comes down to what sort of reader you are and whether this book will live up to your expectations.  Give it a try.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this book in the comments section.  But please, no spoilers.


  1. Oh I lived in a house by a cemetery and it was very creepy. Can't handle the bird bones stuff though. Going to have to pass on this one.

  2. HMM I like your mixed up review, I cant wait to give this one a try and see what I think!

  3. Great review! I read a teaser of this, and thought it was great.

  4. I've seen good and bad reviews for this one. It's one I'm gonna have to read myself to decide.

  5. Great review! This is the first I've seen for this book! I definitely want to read it! :)



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