Monday, February 28, 2011

Character Post: Claudia Grant from Whisper of a Witch

Hi everyone! Suza (the writer a.k.a. my creator) couldn’t take time away from meeting her deadline to guest blog, so the other girls all voted and sent me in her stead. My name is Claudia, and I’m one of the witches from the Savannah coven. I’m a history professor in my real life, but that career choice was mostly due to my special talent. I can lay hands on an object and see its past. Pretty cool most times, depending on where it’s been! When I was “summoned” to Savannah by a mystical force of unknown origin, I found out why I had this gift. (Ta-da!) Because I’m a witch.

None of the other women knew what they were either, except for Anna, who lives in a castle/mansion/really big house on an island off the coast. We affectionately call her the “head witch in charge.” She’s always known who she was and that we would all come together to go up against a group of baddies called the Amara. They have a plan to raise a particularly ruthless demon who will destroy life as we know it.

The coven’s job is simple. Don’t. Let. That. Happen.

Each of us have our own unique power, and Anna’s doing her best to teach us everything we need to know to become a group of radically, butt-kicking witches. Does she ever have her job cut out for her!

Paige is an ex-soldier with no trouble taking an opponent down, but she also has a bit of an attitude. Shauni talks to animals but doesn’t want to actually hurt anyone. Bad karma or something. Then there’s Lucia, a Spanish sex siren, Hayden who sees ghosts, and Viv the physicist. The three of them are pretty level-headed, but you know what they say about still waters.

Kylie is still really young, straight from the college campus. She keeps us all laughing most of the time. And last but not least is Willyn. She’s a devout Christian and now knows she’s a witch, too. Enough said.

As for me, I shoot an awesome fire ball and after the demon, my biggest concern is keeping my manicure intact. What’s wrong with that? A girl has to be ready for anything around here. Crazy, dangerous, magical stuff can occur at any time. And often does.

I hope you come to meet us all in Suza’s first book, Whisper of a Witch. Poor Shauni. She had to go first. The second book is coming out at the end of February, 2011. This month! It’s pretty exciting stuff. I would tell you whose turn it is, but if I did, I’d have to hex you.

Well, I have to go. It’s almost time for our next lesson. Please feel free to come visit us any time. Savannah is a gorgeous place, and we’d love to have company. (As long as it’s not the Amara) See you soon!—Claudia Grant (Professor of History and Fashionista Extraordinaire)

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