Saturday, February 19, 2011

Once Upon A Time Project Update!

Hello all!
I'm sure many of you have been waiting eagerly for an update on the book 'Without Title'.  As of this moment it has been sent to the printers and I'm waiting for a proof copy to double check that everything is a-ok before I do a bulk order!

So for those of you have have either won a giveaway or were a runner up could you please send me your mailing addresses out so when the time comes I'm able to ship these off ASAP!  Soraya could you also send me your mailing address as well pls.

For those of you in Giveaway 3 that made it into the book but weren't a winner or runner up, I'll be sending a private invite to you so you are able to grab a copy for yourselves as well.

I'm hoping to have all copies sent out by the end of March, depending on how long it takes to print them up.  So stay tuned.

For those of you involved in the Once Upon a Time Project.  If you would like your friends and family to get a copy just let me know and I will send an invite out to them.  Unless there is a majority vote in the comments, I won't be making the book public unless you all decide that is what you want.  Let me know :)

You can email me at

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