Friday, February 18, 2011

Spellbound Bookshelves: Authors Special

Authors Special

Welcome to my new feature Spellbound Bookshelves! Each week I'll be posting up pictures of Readers Bookshelves. As this is just starting out, I'll need to ask you help in spreading the word and hopefully sending in pictures of your bookshelves. I'll also be including awesome bookshelves to store your books in for a bit of variety.

For the blogoversary I've asked some authors if they'd like to include some of their pictures and here they are!

Marianne de Pierres author of many titles including Sharp Shooter, and Burn Bright a Young Adult book coming out on March 1st.  This is her bookshelf!

This is Felicity Heaton's collection of books!  She's the author of many paranormal romance books including Her Dark Angel, Winter's Kiss and Love Immortal.

Kate Kaynak is the author of the Ganzfield series!
This was my grandmother's study when I was a kid, and it was always my idea of the perfect room: floor-to-ceiling books. This shows the "tidy" part of the room; my TBR pile is about three feet high and four deep on the table. And yes, I have read every book in this picture and that is a very comfy reading chair.

Nancy Holder's Bookshelf
Little bit for my bookshelf picture:  Yikers, are my shelves a MESS!  The heads are in honor of my Possessions series, in which such heads play a big role.  They creep out my daughter and she wants me to move them.  To WHERE, I would like to know!

Thanks to all of the authors who have taken time out of their busy day to share their bookshelves to you all.


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