Thursday, May 20, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project Week 2 Check In

How's everyone doing??  Only 7 more days to get your stories in!!  How are they all coming along?  I know I've been having some issues writing my short story!  See I'm good at get the first few paragraphs written, but then what? LOL  How do I keep a reader's interest going?  Are any of you guys having some issues at all with your stories?

Here is a little more of my writing.  Whether it's any good or not I'm still trying to work out.

Within the first two weeks of Shandy arriving most of the shadow creatures disappeared.  There were still one or two each night that lingered at the edge of my room but they no longer felt hostile.  Mum and Dad grew to love her as well.  Although, maybe once or twice they threatened to take her back to the seller when she got into Dad's study and peed on his laptop.  It wasn't really her fault though.  She must have taken a disliking to Dad when he roused on her for chewing his shoes earlier that day.  Hard to say.

Everything had settled down with my family but I should have known that good things don't last forever.

** 2 months later**

"Shandy, where are you?"  It was late afternoon, the sun had almost set and there was no sign of her.  Ripped sheets scattered the backyard and Mum's potted plants were turned upside down, dirt and flowers everywhere.  I was surprised to find the mess.  It had been a while since she had raided the clothes line and the pot plants were a first.  Mum wasn't going to be happy.

I bundled the sheets up but paused when my hand brushed against a piece of paper.  "What's this?"  My stomach tightened when I read the words that clung to the page.  Each sentence so familiar I knew it almost by heart.  The sheets dropped to the ground and I followed the paper trail to the corner of my father's shed; the sense of dread spreading.

My signed copy of Lord of the Rings lay three feet in front of me torn to shreds.  A faint muffled growl came from the other side of the shed.  "Shandy?"  My voice shook and I regretted speaking the moment the words were out.  I stepped towards the sound forgetting for a moment about the dangers of the shadows... To Be Cont'd :)
(c) Melissa Freeman 2010  

Okay that's all from me.  If you have any last questions about Once Upon A Time you can email me at

Thanks guys

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  1. I think your story's fab...I can't seem to start mine...I've got the middle and end but o beginning...weird huh?



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