Thursday, May 27, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project Week 3 & Deadline

Hey guys.  So it's Week 3 and Deadline time.  How you all going?  I can't believe how quick the last couple of weeks have gone!  Has anyone else had trouble writing, while trying to deal with life (kids work and everything in between)?

So here is the last part of my story and hope you all like it.  I've been thinking this will be great to keep it going but as the first Once Upon A Time Giveaway is 500 - 1000 words I'd like to keep up with the rules LOL.  So here goes nothing:

Shandy was at the other side of the shed tangled in some branches, her muzzle wedged into the thickest ones.  I took a few more steps then waited for my eyes adjust.  The sun had almost set which left me a few minutes to get her out of the branches and in the house before night fully set in.

She whimpered and struggled more,  the closer I got.  When I was a few feet away our eyes met for the briefest moment before I realized my mistake.  She was never one to play behind the shed, or in Mum's garden for that matter so being stuck in the branches was out of the ordinary.  Once that thought had occurred, the branches around her began to twist and curl until it took a new shape, a sneering creature with a mouthful of needle-like teeth.  Then the whispers started.  Darkness was here.

My heart thumped so hard against my ribs and my legs wanted to leave with or without the rest of my body  but I refused to give in to the panic that was steadily growing.  There was no way she would be able to get free of it.  This one was bigger than the ones from my room.  He stood around five feet tall and smelled horrendous.  Worse than my three day old socks.  Before I could take another step I was knocked off my feet landing hard on my back, my vision exploded into millions of white specks.  Pain radiated in waves from the back of my skull.  I could hear scratching and growling not far from me, but I couldn't bring myself to stand without throwing up. 

"The boy, kill the boy."  The whispers were getting closer, and my skin crawled at the familiarity of it  I recognized those voices from my room.  I struggled to my feet and found Shandy taking the lead urging me on.

Cold scaly fingers clamped down on my ankle and I tripped  face first onto the concrete.  Shandy spun around and growled low and deep but the fingers only tightened.  Sharp nails pierced my skin and I tried to yank my leg away.  Shandy lunged and more shrill screams erupted over the whispers.  My leg shook twice before it was freed and I was back on my feet running for verandah, Shandy close at my heels.  

The back sensor light flicked on and a wave of relief washed over me, but I kept moving.  Mum opened the door and both Shandy and I leapt through it and she shut it just as quick, a panicked expression on her face.

"What's going on? Are you seeing things again?"  She knelt down to take a look at my leg which I was holding awkwardly.  I brushed her away.

"It's okay Mum.  Just playing with Shandy.  We're going upstairs now."  I hurried upstairs and flicked on all the lights including the two lights in my room.  

They were back.  But why?
(c) Melissa Freeman 2010 

Okay that's it.  Hope it's okay.  Possibly a little rushed to make it before 9:30 so excuse the mistakes.  What do you all think??

We have a half hour left before deadline so if you'd like to get your story in my email is or

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  1. I like it....I don't think my entry counts.
    I sent it well before the deadline but hotmail screwed something up. I only realised 2 mminutes too late. Sent it anyway lol

    The cold scaly fingers bit..scary! :D



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