Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Women by Michele R. Bardsley

Title:  Wild Women
Author:  Michele R. Bardsley
Genre: Romance/Humour
Publisher: Hardshell Word Factory
Publication Date: March 2004
Stand alone or series: Stand Alone
Book Length:  550(Ebook)
First lines: ' "GO TO THE ZOO?"  Fourteen-year-old Marissa Vanderson snatched the pink paper from Gillian's hand.  Her cheeks flamed at her sister's soft laughter.  Just because Gillie was four years older didn't mean she knew everything.'

A virgin with an outrageous to-do list hires a reluctant Prince Charming to help her live a whole lifetime in one short week. Too bad he’s not interested in starred item No. 12: A one-night stand.
Throw in a serial killer, a U.S. Marshal out for revenge, a hoodlum seeking redemption, and a family secret about to be exposed … and you’ve got wild times, wild rides, and most of all, wild women.

My Thoughts
From reading the synopsis I knew I was going to like it, but didn't realise how much fun this was going to be.

Rich little Marissa has lived a very sheltered life since the death of her sister.  A few years after she decides to get out there and complete a list of things she has written, and experience it all in a week!

Wild Women had me laughing out loud with Marissa's extreme naivety and lack of social skills.  I have to admit the first few pages were slow to begin with but as soon as Marissa meets Dane it's all on then.

Marissa was by far my favourite character but I also fell in love with Tuesday a young thug who knew more about what women were like than Dane. :)

I'm going to keep this one short as I don't want to ruin anything, (and hopefully I haven't already) but I think this is a light and funny read that most people would enjoy.

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