Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spellbound Hot Finds

I'm always searching for the perfect journal, book bags etc (I love shopping) and I have come across quite a few that are real nice so I thought I would share a few websites and pics with you.

daré alla lucé has some awesome handcrafted leather journals.

These Shakespeare Journals by Immortal Longings (Purchase on Etsy or at the Immortal Longings Shop) would be great for gifts as well as for yourself.  There are also some really funky bookmarks and other things as well.  The journals are around  $38.00 USD.

Kreativlink on Etsy is another shop that has some really nice journals.  They are around the $47.00 USD mark.

Artreasury is also on Etsy but their prices are a little higher.  This one(above) is at $88.00 USD but it's just lovely.
Leathermaps have a wide range of handmade leather travel/sketch journals at a very reasonable price of $24.90 USD.

Oberon Design has got a wide range of leather products from journals to necklaces, bags, bookmarks you name it.  For your large journals you are paying around the $70 mark but these journal covers are so detailed it is worth every cent.  They even have Kindle and Nook covers for your e-readers.  Totally awesome.

My Handbound Books has got a small collection of leather, recycled, hardcover and wooden journals at a very affordable price too.

BlueToad's Shop has got some really pretty journals and are under $20 USD.  Worth checking this out.

Barnes & Noble have got some nice Bookbags. These ones above are $29.95 USD.

Okay that's all from me for now.  Hope to list a few more cool things in the weeks to come.  Tell me what you think!!


  1. Ah, beautiful journals!!:) Wish i could have one. Lol.

  2. I lurve theses....book bags are total scrummy. I also lurve journals and these are gorgeous.

    Great finds Melissa!

  3. Oh wow I am such a stationary nerd and I just LOVE those journals. I don't even keep a journal, but I have a whole shelf full of notebooks/diaries anyway =)

  4. I spotted the Shakespeare journals on Etsy a few weeks back, too. They really are just lovely and I am so very tempted to buy one...

  5. Those are some awesome looking journals! I'm always on the search for journals :)

  6. Lovely! My favorite is the blue one with the tree.



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