Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer

Title:  Ninth Grade Slays
Author:  Heather Brewer
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  Penguin Group
Publication Date:  2nd August 2010 
ISBN:  978-0-14-320515-9
Stand alone or series:  Series (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod) 
Pages:  288   
Book Received from:  Penguin Group
First Lines:  Jasik gripped the photograph in his hand and scanned the face of the boy. 

Spoilers if you haven't read the first book in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
If middle school stunk for Vladimir Tod, high school is a real drain. Besides being a punching bag for bullies, he's still stalled with dream-girl Meredith, and he's being tailed by a photographer from the school newspaper. Needless to say, practising his vampire skills hasn't exactly been a priority for Vlad - until now. A monumental trip to Siberia with Uncle Otis is Vlad's crash course in Vampire 101. Training alongside the most gifted vampires is exactly what Vlad needs to sharpen those mind control skills he's been avoiding. And he'd better get it right, because the battle brewing back home with the slayer who's been hunting him could be Vlad's last.

My Thoughts
After an eventful year last year in Eighth Grade Bites, things don't get any easier for him in this one.

Eighth Grade Bites left us with finding out that his substitute teacher Otis is really his Uncle and there are alot more vampires than he thought, good and bad.  Vladimir has finally begun to feel a little less lonely, but Vampire 101 through Otis's letters can only get him so far. 

In Ninth Grade Slays he begins his first year in highschool, and if that's not a big enough deal, his guilt weighes him down over the deaths of his parents that happened four years earlier.  Tom and Bill are getting progressively worse, and someone at his school is determined to find out what Vlad's secret is.  Only to add to that is the mysterious vampire Slayer.   

I really enjoy reading about Vladimir and his life.  He's got strong morals when it comes to his own kind and he's a caring and genuine character.  I can't wait to find out what else Vladimir is capable.  Being half vamp, half human leaves him on unknown ground since he's not exactly got solid footing in either side. 

I really like Heather Brewer's writing style and will be keeping my eye out on her future book releases.  I think most people will enjoy reading about Vladimir Tod. 


  1. I really love this series and am anxious for the next book to come out in Sept. Like you I like Vlad's character and the fact that he is both a vamp and a teenager with typical teen angst problems.

  2. I need to check out these books, they don't seem to be out over here in the UK.



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