Friday, July 16, 2010

Whisper of a Witch by Suza Kates

Title:  Whisper of a Witch 
Author:  Suza Kates
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Mossy Oak Publishing
Publication Date:  1 July 2010
ISBN:  978-0-9845929-0-6
Stand alone or series: Series 
Pages:  229
Book Received from: Author 
First Lines:  The day was ordinary, a simple Saturday, though whether it was morning, noon or dead of night varied depending on location. 

A Choice
Shauni Miller has no idea why her life is changing, but she must answer when an unknown force summons her to a mystical island. She also harbors a secret, one that has the potential to alter her life forever. If she chooses to share it.

A Deception
Dr. Michael Black helps Shauni in her time of need, but sees more in the raven-haired temptress than she ever meant to reveal. He knows she’s hiding something, but then, so is he.

A Prediction
Both Shauni and Michael have a role to play and decisions to make as a centuries-old prophecy unfolds. Only the fates know if they are meant to be together. Or if one of them has to die.

My Thoughts
Whisper of a Witch is the first installment in The Savannah Coven Series and I absolutely loved it.

The story begins by introducing nine (yes 9!) vastly different women who have heard the mysterious summons, and follow it to Savannah.  It's there that they discover who they really are, and why they have been called to this place.

From the Prologue I was amazed to see an Author attempting to have so many characters brought in at such an early stage.  The first chapter was a little full on to start off with when they were all being introduced to each other, but once I kept reading I got my head around who was who.  

The story, I'm fairly certain, is written in Third Person Omniscient.  It's a surprise at first because I haven't read too many books in that POV and but it works out well with so many characters and it also gave me a chance to get to know the other characters apart from Shauni.  The character that stood out for me the most was Paige.  She was like a fish out of water, surrounded by the other women.

Whisper of a Witch was an entertaining read.  Wonderful characters, great storyline and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book Conviction of a Witch !!

A BIG THANK YOU to Suza Kates for asking me to review this!

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  1. You know, I've never heard of this one before, but it sounds good. I might have to add it to my TBR list since you liked it so much. Thanks for the review! :)

  2. it sounds great, the only problem is that is a serie, so international readers have to wait... :)



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