Thursday, July 1, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project Giveaway 3

So here we are again for a Third Giveaway for Once Upon A Time. I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated and helped out with this.  I've yet to announce the winner and runners up for Giveaway 2 but as we are yet undecided I am hoping the post with their stories will be up on tomorrows post.

So as I've said there is going to be a change in rules.  There were a few of you that wanted to enter but your stories were too long.  So I've decided for giveaway 3, that the wordcount will be 500-7500words. I've also changed the deadline from 3 weeks to 31 days.  So hopefully that will help those of you who are stuck for time, to get yours finished.

But the biggest surprise is, all stories that are entered into this giveaway will be put into the book!! (For those of you that are wondering, I will be giving a copy of the 'Once Upon A Time' book to the winners and runners up and others will be able to buy it at the cost of the printing of the book as well as shipping) 

I will be holding 2 more giveaways after this and during that time we will get into the Cover Contest and Title Contest!!

For the winners and runners up of previous giveaways feel free to enter again.  Even if you have won a prize before you can still enter each giveaway with a story.
Also, Winners and runners up, I'd love to try and put a little biography of about 250 words or so in before each of your stories, as well as a picture if you'd like.  Just send these to my email.  You have plenty of time to do this.

For those of you that are new I've included 'What is 'Once Upon A Time'

What Is 'Once Upon A Time'?
Once Upon A Time is an ongoing project.  You have 4 weeks to email me your stories.  Between myself and two other book bloggers (who aren't submitting their own stories) we will agree on a Winner and 2 runners up.  I will then post the 3 stories up within a few days of the close off date and prizes will be sent off. (unless winners have stated they do not wish to have their stories posted)  This will happen every 4 weeks until otherwise stated.  Once there enough stories picked I will put together a book and have this published, and given away as a SUPER Prize.    I will do my best to supply each winner and runner up with a copy of this book but this may take a little time (depending on funds)  The book will be available for all entrants at the end of the project.

Entry Rules

Word Count: Between 500 - 7500 words
Time To Complete: 31 days
Genre: Whatever tickles your fancy!
Stories sent to me must be the entrants original work!
Entries must be in english.
One Story Per Person Per Giveaway
DEADLINE: 31st July 2010 at 10pm AEST
Send your stories in to 

Conditions of Entry
All work posted for Once Upon A Time Project is (c) copyrighted and no work is to be reproduced in any way (e.g. copying, broadcasting, making available on another website etc) without the Authors permission.
I will not be held responsible if this does occur, but I will do everything I can to ensure this does not happen.
 Warnings will be in bold red text at the beginning of the winning entries post if any of these stories include sexual content, swearing etc (depending on the words I may also *** out some)  and if you continue to read this is your choice.  Obviously any *** that are entered will be taken out before the book is published.
Prizes are still to be decided but like the last two giveaways we will have a Winner and 2 Runners Up.  So PLEASE if you have any ideas on prizes at all, if you would like to donate a prize, or have a question feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

Thanks guys.  Let the writing begin!!

*** UPDATED ***

An art journal makes a statement - writing isn't just for notes and lists, but also for writing meaningful content - whether they're drawings, your inner thoughts, poetry or ideas.
It is made to be cherished and read after many many years - the leather is high quality and will last like forever.
Its white pages are acid free, 100 g/mp and are bound together in longstitch style. The cover is painted with golden shades leather specialty paint. 
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It has 140 sheets, 280 pages, plenty of space! 

The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood.

Runners Up
$15 Barnes & Noble e-gift card for 2 runners up.


  1. I love how you lengthened the project, but only 2 more after this? :(

  2. I have two questions. My short story is not paranormal or fantasy, is that okay? Also as soon as my story is polished and ready to go, how do I submit it?

  3. Marysue: Your short story doesn't have to be paranormal or fantasy. The Genre is open so it can be whatever you want. You can email your story to
    Thanks for the question!



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