Thursday, July 15, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project G3 Week Two Check In

Hi! It's Week Two check in for Giveaway 3, how is everyone doing?  

So this week I'd love to hear how you all write!  

For the Writers Out There
(These are just to help out.  If you have something to share regarding reading or writing leave a comment)   
 Where's the strangest/funniest/ place you've come up with an idea for a story etc?   
Quirky habits/routines that you have that help get you in the zone?
Are you a Pantser or a Plotter?
Do you take a notebook with you wherever you go?
Authors that inspire you to write?
A really cool idea you've had but can't seem to get it into writing?

For The Readers Out There

What are your Favourite Authors?
Best/worst book you have ever read?
A fictional place you'd love to live in? Why?
If you could become/or date any supernatural creature, what would you pick?

So I'll go first.

I keep a notebook full of quotes, Randoms which is what I call scenes I've written down, ideas for stories, character building etc etc.  It's helpful when I'm stuck on a scene I'm writing or I need to come up with a subplot or mainly to remember stuff.  I'll admit now that some of it is just absolute rubbish.  But i guess I just can't bring myself to rip them pages out no matter how terrible they are lol.  I'm also pretty secretive to when it comes to others wanting to sneak a peek at it.  I'm pretty open about some stuff I write and don't mind sharing but not raw material.  It's  ... too personal.  I don't know whether others feel the same?

There was one idea that had been bouncing around my head for a while that I would have loved to write about but never did.  Imagine a character who associates feelings with songs?  Doesn't sound too out there right? Well that was part of my problem.  I thought about maybe this character couldn't talk but could only share herself through songs.  In the end I gave up on that idea.  Mainly because I didn't have enough to make her an interesting character.  That and also how would I even write something like that down. 

Okay so that's all from me.  Enjoy!

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If you can imagine it,
You can achieve it;
If you can dream it,
You can become it.
William Arthur Ward


  1. So here's my two cents' worth about what I do when I'm writing.
    I'm quite random with my writing, and I think that helps somehow. Writing is something that I get inspiration for in the weirdest of places. On the train, while I'm shopping, at 1.00am as I'm trying to fall asleep. I never plan to sit down and write, unless there's a deadline to meet, it just happens. I don't take a notebook with me most of the time because I don't like to carry a lot, and consequently I've written story ideas on receipts, pamphlets, chewing gum wrappers, napkins, envelopes etc. Which is why I have what looks like a pile of rubbish sitting on my computer desk at any one time, waiting to be written into my ideas books :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Misschrissid. Some of the best ideas are usually when you haven't got a pen or paper!



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