Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dusk Til Dawn Read-A-Thon

So this is the very first Read-A-Thon I've ever participated in.  I'm excited.  This one seemed to fit me best since I do ALOT of reading while my little one is catching Zzzz's.  So if you are interested, slip on over the the Book Crazy website or YA Addict website and sign up.  You can view the awesome Challenges there as well.  So from 8pm - 8am  25th August until the 29th is when From Dusk Til Dawn will run for.

My Ridiculous Reading List:

(Books won't necessarily be read in this order)
Before you say anything.  Impossible right?  Well I've been known to devour books so I figured I might need to put 10 books up here just in case.  While I doubt I will get through All 10 books by the 29th (Just remember it is pages read between 8pm - 8am that count)

So I will keep you updated with what I'm up to with each book.  How I feel about the book if I want to comment at all and maybe even a pic here and there of fave spots to read.

Thanks all and Happy Reading!!


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